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Monday, November 7, 2011

Film Noir

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This tutorial was written by Brunette on November 7th 2011.
 Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Do not copy and paste my tutorials or claim as your own you may link to them for group challenges.

What you'll need:

You'll need a tube of choice I am using the gorgeous art of Robert Alvarado. You can purchase his art for signature tags at PSP Tubes Emporium.
Be sure to check out all the other great artists there!

Fonts of choice - I am using a pixel font for the copyright and Angry Blue for the name.

 A kit of choice I am using part of a AWESOME collab kit by the girls at Pimp my tags with Scraps which is called Girls of Pimp my tags with scraps which you can purchase HERE.
I am using Designs by Pimp'd Designz's portion.

Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Xero - Radiance


Let's get started!

Open up a new 700x700 transparent canvas I always crop it later so it will be smaller I just like enough room to work.

Open up frame 4 from the kit copy and paste it as a new layer onto your canvas re-size it a little if you need to. Now take a paper of choice I used paper 6 from the kit then take your eraser tool and carefully erase the stuff outside of the frame. Move it below the frame later. I used the close up of my tube copied and pasted it as a new layer under the frame layer and erased the same as I did for the paper. Duplicate it and arrange it on the other side. Merge these two layers together then duplicate them then go to adjust-blur-gaussian blur set to 3 then add Xero Radiance keep hitting random until you get an effect you like. Now we're going to take another paper I used paper 10 from the kit and use your eraser tool same as earlier. Make sure ALL your layers are below the frame layer.

Take the film piece element from the kit copy and paste it as a new layer re-size it a little and rotate it 20 degrees to the left arrange it near the bottom of the frame. Duplicate and mirror it arrange this layer near the top of the frame. These layers should be BELOW the frame layer as well.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer ON TOP erase the part that overhangs the frame. Duplicate your tube layer and change the blend mode to overlay. Add a drop shadow to your bottom tube layer V 2, H 2 , Opacity 45, Blur 4.

Open up the cherry charm from the kit re-size it so it fits nicely and move it to the top right corner of the frame. Add the same drop shadow as earlier.

Open up the paper element from the kit copy and paste it as a new layer move it below all the other layers. Rotate it 90 degrees to the left re-size it if you need to and make it so its poking out the side of the frame. Duplicate, mirror and re-size it a little moving it on the OTHER side. I used did the same thing with the red glitter rotated it 90 degrees to the left and arranged it so it looked like it was hooked on the frame holding the paper so it must be on top the frame layer. Duplicate, mirror and re-size it a little arrange it on the other side where the paper is sticking out.

I used paper 12 from the kit and added a mask. You can use whatever mask you like or none at all its up to you.

Now in your font of choice we're going to add your name along with a gradient glow and a drop shadow. The drop shadow is the same as mentioned earlier just do it again but change the V&H to -2. My gradient glow settings are shown in the screen-shots below.

Finally add your copyright and license number if applicable save as png or jpeg whichever you prefer and we're done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow.

I would LOVE to see your results to any tutorials that you do, you can email results to me or post them on my page on facebook if you have a facebook account.



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